Have fun teaching your student(s) to read with Sammy and the Magical Reading Chest.

Meet Some of the Cast

Our cast of eight children.


Teaches non-phonetic words like “the”. We call them Read Words because you can’t sound them out.  

Bearly, the Bad Reader Bear

Students who have greater difficulty learning to read will relate to Bear-ly. He is afraid he will lose his friends, because he can’t read. The children and puppets encourage Bear-ly, and he learns to read with additional time and practice.

Consonant Man

Dressed in different costumes for each consonant sound. 

Plays a different character for each consonant sound, for example:

  • Trumpeter – T
  • Librarian – L
  • Rock Star – R
  • Football Player - F

Jet Pilot

Teaches children to Skywrite words. 

Miss Alice

Teaches the sound of short “a”.

Finger Spelling Hand

Teaches children to spell words with their fingers. 

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