Teach Your Child to Read

A fun and engaging method that teaches children to read and trains teachers and/or parents at the same time.

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Richards Learning Systems

is a scientifically-based literacy program with a 30-year history of proven effectiveness for students of all ages.

Sammy and the Magical Reading Chest is designed for students:
  • In grades Pre-K through grade 3 in mainstream classrooms.
  • With learning disabilities.
  • With developmental delays including teens and adults.
  • With Autism.

Mary Jo o'Neill | Parent Advocate

"Richards Learning Systems does more than just teach the word, it allows the child to hear the word, see the word, speak the word, play with the word, and now I've mastered the word."

Eric Gordon | CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

"We know that there are not sufficient levels of reading endorsements and reading training, so teachers need an awful lot of support to teach reading well.

I think the uniqueness of what the Richards Learning Systems is doing by creating videos that are used for kids but also as tutorials for teachers, and at the same time modeling what great reading instruction looks like, is so right for a large urban faculty like mine."

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