Have fun teaching your student(s) to read with Sammy and the Magical Reading Chest.

How much time does it take? Just Fifteen Minutes A Day.

Watch one video lesson per week with your student(s). Then practice the concept with multi-sensory materials and the workbook to master each skill.

Practice daily with the same materials modeled in the videos. Students may watch videos more than once as needed, or for enjoyment.

How long will it take?

There is no magic pill. Learning to read is not a race; it's a marathon. Your student(s) goal in the Sammy Program is mastery of skills.

RLS lessons are based on age, skill level, and most importantly, the learner. Everyone starts at lesson 1,  regardless of age. The speed at which the concepts are mastered is based on the student's ability.

Students may complete 20-40 concepts in one year based on age and ability.

Students with developmental delays, learning disabilities, slow processing or poor memory may require more time. Don’t rush the program. Let your student enjoy the videos and have fun learning.

Solving the Problem of Teacher Training

Problem: Teacher training at the baccalaureate and masters levels.

Teacher training programs teach reading theories (ideas), not methods (step-by-step approach). New teachers enter the classroom without a method for instruction. This gap is often filled via retraining workshops, which are difficult for schools to integrate and are extremely expensive.
When fees, materials, and substitute teacher salaries are considered, the average cost to attend a workshop is over $4,000 per teacher.

Solution: The RLS Reading Curriculum Video for Teachers and Students in Grades Prek-3

It trains the teacher/parent and teaches the student(s) at the same time.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Unused materials may be returned within 30 days. Your subscription is refundable for 30 days as well. A restocking fee of $35 will be deducted for returned materials.

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