Have fun teaching your student(s) to read with Sammy and the Magical Reading Chest.

How it Works

Students learn to read, spell, and write words, sentences, and stories at the same time.

Systematic Phonics

Each concept is taught sequentially, building on understanding from earlier lessons with continuous review of previously learned skills. 

  • In Seasons 1 and 2, students learn sounds and how to build words from those sounds.
  • In Seasons 3 and 4, they explore large words with more than one syllable.

Throughout the process they read and write words, sentences and stories.


Use more than two senses:




Muscle movement


Short (5-minute) video lessons taught by puppets, children, and animation.

Each video encourages teachers/parents and students to practice with the same materials modeled in video lessons.

NO teacher’s guide. Instructions are included at the bottom of workbook pages.

The emphasis is on the letter sounds not the letter names, because we read words by the letter sounds.

Students learn one sound at a time.

Sounds are taught systematically, not in alphabetical order.

They learn short “a”, then “t”, then “s”, then “m”, …

Students begin to read words in the second lesson, building confidence. By the fourth concept, they are reading sentences.

Teaching Systematic Phonics

Letter Sounds are introduced one sound at a time.  Students learn letter sounds using Bumpy Letter Alphabet cards, Felt Boards, Magic Writing Boards, Skywriting and Finger Spelling.

Workbook Page Samples

"Sammy" Program Scope and Sequence

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